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Slugs & Snails

2008-07-31 21:02:48 by liljim

I know that these creatures are miracles of evolution, stemming back millions of years (or a few months, if you happen to be stupid enough to be a Creationist.). What are these creatures good for, other than:

a) making other little slugs and snails with each other
b) eating all your plants
c) i: if you're from France and it's a snail, eating it, or ii: just... getting in your way.


In all the millions of years of evolution (or two months, if you're stupid enough to be a Creationist [before anyone pipes up, I know the true length of time that Creationists think upon]), why have these creatures not learned to get out of the way?

In the picture below is a partially squashed snail...

Now... I smoke (I know, a very bad thing), but I go outside to do it.

I don't weigh much and when I step outside for a smoke in the pitch black, I tread carefully when it's raining, because I know that there's going to be a few of these creatures about.

However, if these creatures, who have been around longer than man, had any sense, they'd have been prepared for me. Or at least grown tough enough shells to withstand my weight, or just stayed away.

Between taking the first picture and writing this up, I went outside again and destroyed another snail accidentally. Surely, they're their own worst enemy.

Slugs & Snails