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That was great! I liked the Back to the Future gag in there. One bugbear - please please please check your spelling / grammar in future. You guys spend so much time on all the other stuff, it's the tiniest things like the misspell of "cemetery" that lets the rest of the work down a little for me.

Wonchop responds:

Huh. Never realised that's how it was spelt... Go fig...

Wow, this is stunning. You went for it with the lighting effects, right down to the reflection off of Slave 1 as it flies off. Loved it!

DailyToon responds:

thank yeee :) was keen to make every scene as pretty as possible

This shows a lot of promise, though for me it fell flat with the sound. I dunno, the animation was great, but the production on the voice work and lack of any sound effects other than the gun firing and burning sound (if it was burning, or was it meant to be them swimming?) of the island as they left (as they're flapping about in water) left it feeling quite empty for me.

As a demo and pitching tool it works well, but if you're looking for things to improve or tweak for further releases I'd start with the sound - I think a little more effort with it would boost the overall flow of this significantly.

Uebie responds:

Thanks a ton man! Any advice helps, and I'll definitely work on the sound a lot more when the film is in full production!

Thanks again.

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Very Enjoyable Game

I absolutely LOVE strategic games, particularly defense games. And this is one of the best I've played in a long time.

If you want a quick fix of a "destroy all in sight" type game, then this probably isn't for you, because you have to be patient and learn what works best in different situations.

For a few times, I'd gotten as far as the first golden balloon level (on easy setting), which is about five rounds in. In that round, there's a Red Zeppelin (you're introduced to Zeppelins in round 2) that has been painted up to look like some sort of fish, or something.

Before you get to that round, ensure that you have some sort of armour and that you have repair enabled.... Because if you don't have either of those enabled, then it drops something on your main artillery that will destroy it in one blow.

My strategies so far (and I haven't gotten too far into the game, even on easy level) are to:

1. Increase shell damage from the get-go (most important for me so far).
2. Increase shell speed.
3. Increase accuracy.
4. Increase firing power.
5. Increase ammo capacity.
6. Increase reload speed.

ALL of these can be found to the left of the upgrades menu.

Then, I went to:

7. Upgrade building armour.
8. Upgrade auto repair buildings.

Both of those are in the middle of the upgrade options.

And finally:

9. Upgrade winged bombs. Quite a bit.
10. Upgrade airstrike.

Both of those are in the far right column of the upgrades.

Fantastic game... Wish I had longer to play it!

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WOW. I love what you're able to do with these compositions, mixing synthetics with real instruments. Guitar playing in this is wonderful. I'm jealous.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks a lot Liljim, I didn't play all of the guitars most of it was actually done with my keyboard xD
Just using lots of pitch bending and modulation to give it a more realistic sound!
I did record a few takes with my guitar to layer that with the Shreddage 2 guitars.
Thanks for the review!

I liked it!

It's nice to hear a recording comprising of purely analogue instruments, which goes against the grain of most recordings these days.

FreakFlash responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate that! Glad you liked it

Not my kind of music, but...

I can appreciate the work that's gone into it. You may, however, want to try mastering the overall sound in more than one medium, because it's piercing my ears even on a laptop speaker (all of the high end is really cutting).

I like the piano part of the track.

Wallace44 responds:

Thanks for the helpful feedback... were probably going to re-master this track at some point in the future and will take this into consideration...


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They also taste nice with hoisin sauce.

He looks like he's pooped himself.

TomFulp responds:

Yeah he kinda does...

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